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Icelandic raw fleeces, ready-to-spin roving, and more for sale

Icelandic sheep are double-coated. They have a soft, fine under coat called thel, and a longer, coarser outer coat called tog. Read more about Icelandic fiber here.

Icelandic fiber can be processed yourself, (very gently, to prevent felting). If you plan to send Icelandic fleece to a processor, we recommend you contact them first. Some processing machinery will remove much of the tog (which will leave you with softer roving, but much less of it). Some processors have a limit on the length of fiber they can process (or there may be an extra charge for fiber over a certain length). Average lamb fleece staple lengths are from 4 to 7 inches, with plenty in the 5 to 6 inch range.

Our raw fleeces have been well skirted, and then hand-sorted for an absolute minimum of second cuts and vegetable matter. Satisfaction guaranteed. Read more about how our sheep are raised, sheared and handled here.

The lock structure is preserved where possible, for those who want to spin from the locks, or use them for crafting, thrums, etc. Roving can be purchased in any quantity we have, there is no minimum. Prices listed are for the fiber only, please email us for shipping quotes. We currently have several adult fleeces to sort through, which will be listed here as they are available. If there is a particular color or type you are looking for, feel free to email us. Thank you!

Icelandic raw lamb fleeces for sale
Icelandic lamb fleeces are shorter and softer than adult fleeces. Most commonly, they are washed, carded, and spun semi-worsted. The longer locks can be separated into tog and thel if you wish, to be spun separately. Lamb fleeces are also excellent for felting. Like most lamb fleeces, the tips can be a bit brittle (sometimes known as 'milk tips'), and usually break off during processing.

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Fleece #31: Brosa's lamb. Grey and white lamb fleece, with more white than grey. The tog is mostly white, with some black. The thel is mostly white, with some cream to grey. The tips are more tender than I would like for spinning, so the price reflects that. You could spin it, taking extra care in removing the tips, or this fleece would be excellent for felting. 17.5 ounces of beautiful fiber, price $17.50.
Lamb 31 fleece

Lamb 31 locks

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Fleece #20: Rose's lamb. Black and white lamb fleece, with more white than black. The black is a deep, dark color with no sign of sunfading. The tips are more tender than I would like for spinning, so the price reflects that. You could spin it, taking extra care in removing the tips, or this fleece would be excellent for felting. 13.5 ounces of beautiful fiber, price $13.50.
Lamb 20 fleece

Lamb 20 locks

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Fleece #38: Gracie's lamb. Beautiful fleece and plenty of it! Every time I looked at this lamb's fleece, the word that came to mind was 'feathery'. This nearly solid white fleece has an occasional lock with moorit tog (see center lock in the close-up pic). Nice length, minimal corkscrewing to the tog. 23.5 ounces of wonderful spinnable fiber, price $35.25.
Lamb 38 fleece

Lamb 38 locks

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Fleece #43: Druna's lamb. Moorit (brown) and white lamb fleece. The moorit is 'solid' - the tog and thel are both moorit. This is a large, lovely fleece for handspinning, roughly half white and half moorit. 20.5 ounces of beautiful fiber, price $30.75.
Lamb 43 fleece

Lamb 43 locks

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Fleece #42: Lukka's lamb. Solid moorit (brown) lamb fleece. Lovely medium brown color (the picture of the locks is closer to the true color, at least on my monitor). 12.5 ounces of spinnable fiber, price $18.75. SOLD!
Lamb 42 fleece

Lamb 42 locks

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Fleece #52: Rose's lamb. Grey and white lamb fleece, slightly more white than grey. Good length - 6 inches or more - to many of the locks, very strong tog for a lamb, and soft undercoat. 22.5 ounces of nice spinnable fiber, price $33.75.
Lamb 52 fleece

Lamb 52 locks

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Icelandic raw adult fleeces for sale

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Lukka's fall 2018 fleece: This is a beautiful white fleece, and was entered in the 2019 Great Lakes Fiber Show, taking first place in double-coat white division. The tog length is as much as 11 inches, with plenty in the 8 inch range. The soft thel is long enough to separate and spin, averaging 2 to 3 inches. A lot of her tog has a gentle curl to it. Samples washed up to a nice bright white. 21 ounces of lovely fiber, price $42.00.
Lukka's fall 2018 fleece

Lukka's fall 2018 locks

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Rose's fall 2019 fleece: Rose is a beautiful black-grey ewe, and as she has matures, more of her black is getting lighter in color. She is a true black-grey, with no moorit undertones. Her tog ranges from 6 to well into 8 inches, and much of her soft thel is at least two inches if not 3. There is so much variety in her fleece that I needed two pictures of various locks. Her tog is quite straight, but in some places her thel has a bit of a curl to it (this happens over her shoulder area, mostly). 1 pound (16 ounces) of wonderful fiber, price $24.00.
Rose's fall 2019 fleece

Rose's fall 2019 locks

more of Rose's fall 2019 locks

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Druna's fall 2019 fleece: Druna always has a wonderful fleece! She is mostly white, with a few spots of moorit tog (see the lower left lock in the locks picture). Druna's tog often has a nice corkscrewing to it, and ranges from 6 inches to as much as 9 or 10 inches. She has a lot of soft thel, most of which is easily 3 inches. Her fleece will be a delight to work with, separated or combined. Weight 16.5 ounces, price $24.75.
Druna's fall 2019 fleece

Druna's fall 2019 locks

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Mysa's fall 2019 fleece: Mysa is a moorit grey ewe, and this is her first adult fleece. Her tog is moorit, and her thel ranges from cream to white. Mysa has a nice sturdy fleece, with a soft springy undercoat. Tog ranges from 6 to 9 inches, and thel mostly in the 2 to 3 inch range. Mysa had a lot of VM in her fleece, so the prime spinnable portion was quite a bit smaller than a typical fleece. Perfect for someone who would like to try Icelandic but not have to buy a large fleece. 7 ounces of beautiful fiber, price $10.50.
Mysa's fall 2019 fleece

Mysa's fall 2019 locks

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Icelandic roving for sale

We are out of roving at this time, but recently (September 2019) sent several pounds of lamb fleece to the mill. We have been making some spinning and felting batts with some of the colored lamb's wool, such as grey and moorit - feel free to email us if you are interested.


Out of stock at this time, sorry.

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